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01. What Is Vaping?

  • What is Vaping?
    The inhaling of water/liquid Vapour in the form of E-liquid through a Vaporizer or E-cigarette.
  • How does Vaping Work?
    It's really very simple. Most Vaping devices contain or use the following.
    • An Atomiser & Clearomiser: both serve the same purpose; To heat the E-Liquid to the point of it becoming Vapour.
    • Battery: The power source for any Vaping device.
    • Tank/Cartridge: This is where the E-Liquid is stored.
    • E-liquid: The water based liquid which you heat to the point it becomes Vapour. E-Liquids contain a number of ingredients. The main ingredients are Vegetable Glycerine and or Propylene Glycol, Water, Nicotine and Flavouring. Please see our section on PG/VG to learn more about Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. Please note ingredients will vary by E-Liquid brand.
  • So what happens when you bring that altogether?
    • A heating element known as an Atomiser which contains a coil(s) heat up liquid, most commonly known as e-liquid to the point of turning the liquid into Vapour, hence the name Vaping. This Vapour is what you inhale.
    • There are many different types of e-cigarettes but the overall method of Vaping is the same.
  • Is Vaping bad for you?
    Research and studies have shown that Vaping is far less likely to cause harm to you when compared with traditional smoking. E-liquids for Vaping have been developed with the specific purpose of removing the really bad elements of smoking, including the tar and chemicals which adversely impact your health. Most E-liquids also smell as delicious as they taste when Vaping, especially when you compare them to to the smell traditional cigarettes.  Bye bye people giving you strange looks.

02. E-Liquids

  • E-Liquids
    Most E-Liquids will contain a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG, Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Nicotine & Flavouring. Majority of  E-liquids work on a balance between both Propylene Glycol (PG, Vegetable Glycerine (VG). But in some cases E-Liquid manufacturers produce E-Liquids which are 100% VG.
  • What is PG/VG?
    • Propylene Glycol is Pharmaceutical grade Viscous Liquid used as the base for most E-Liquids. It is a colourless, nearly odourless, clear liquid. It can be found in many everyday items, such as; Ice Cream, Sweeteners, Soft drinks and various Shampoos and other Cosmetics.
    • Vegetable Glycerine is a natural solution which is also common in everyday use. Liquids high in VG tend to be thicker and produce thicker, fuller, luscious Vapour clouds. Vegetable Glycerine can be found in many everyday items such as; Medicines, Dairy and Protein Foods, Processed Vegetables and Fruits.
  • Is Nicotine safe?
    Studies have shown that Nicotine on its own is not harmful, however when combined with traditional tobacco products it can have a detrimental affect on your health.  E-liquids avoid combining these two elements together for a better, more cleaner experience.
  • How are E-Liquids flavoured?
    Most E-Liquids will use both natural and artificial Flavourings to give their E-Liquids a certain flavour and taste.
    Yes, all of our E-Liquids are suitable for Vegetarians.

03. Mods

  • What is a Box Mod?
    A Box Mod is modern more advanced method of Vaping. Box Mods have many functions and features that older Mods don’t. They come with a Built in Lithium Ion Battery or External Lithium Ion Batteries.
  • What is a Variable Voltage/Wattage Mod?
    Variable Voltage/Wattage Mods allow Vapers to adjust the Voltage/Wattage of the Box Mod in order to customise the type of Vape they want.
  • What is a Temperature Control Mod?
    Temperature Control Mods allow the Vaper to control the Temperature at which the Atomiser Head burns, giving the Vaper ultimate control over the type of vape they like. Like your vape cooler or hotter?  this puts you in control. Has the same features of Box Mods and Variable Voltage/Wattage Mods, dependent on what Atomiser Head/Coil the Vaper is using.
  • What is a Mechanical Mod?
    A Mechanical Mods is essentially a striped out Mod,  removing all the features and safety elements found in many modern Mods. Generally a tube shape that holds a Lithium Ion battery. When the Mod is fired, the battery completes the circuit and delivers an unregulated current to the Atomiser in order to heat the liquid in the tank. Only suitable for ADVANCED USERS!

04. Atomisers, Clearomisers/Tanks

    • The Atomiser is the component which heats the E-Liquid to the point of becoming Vapour via a Coil.
    • A Clearomiser helps you see just how much e-liquid you have left in your tank
    • The tank is where your E-Liquid is stored
    Together you have the perfect vaping device.
  • How long will my Atomiser last?
    Depending on usage and the Atomiser itself, typical Atomisers should last around 2 weeks. But if the Atomiser is burning too often via constant use or too high a wattage, it will burn out faster.
  • How can I tell when the Atomiser Head needs replacing?
    The two main signs that an Atomiser Head needs replacing is; A lack of Vapour and a burning/smoky taste.
  • My Atomiser, Clearomiser/Tank Is Leaking
    There are a number of reasons a tank could leak:
    1. The Atomiser head or tank are not properly tightened.
    2. The coil has been over primed on initial set up.
    3. The coil has been burnt or come to the end of its lifespan.  If this has happened then the cotton inside is unable to hold the E-Liquid, so this may cause the tank to leak a little.
    We suggest you check all three to diagnose the problem.

05. Rebuildable Atomisers/Drippers

    Rebuildable Atomisers and Drippers allow the user to change their own coils and cotton which gives you greater control over your Atomiser/Dripper. Regular Atomisers are not meant to be built, so if you don't take care of it, they can become expensive If you're not an advanced Vaper we suggest sticking to Regular Atomisers or you will need to brush up on your knowledge of Ohms Law, Batteries and hone you coil building skills.

06. Resistance

  • How is the Resistance Determined?
    Resistance levels are determined by the Atomiser Head/Coil used. Lower Resistance Coils allow for more power, which gives you more flavour and Vapour. This will vary by Tank, Atomiser, Mod and E-Liquid.

07. Batteries

  • Why do i need a Battery?
    Most E-Cigarettes are powered via a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. Depending on the Manufacturer and Model used, this can be via an internal USB charged battery or an externally charged battery. Popular batteries types are; eGo style battery, 18650 and 18350.
  • What Battery is Compatible with my device?
    • Batteries/Mods use either a 510 or eGo style battery.
    • 510 Batteries/Mods use a ‘510’ thread which are only compatible with Tanks which use the same ’510 thread.
    • eGo Batteries are compatible with both types of threads, but only with a ‘510 Adapter.
  • What is a Pass-through battery?
    A pass-through battery gives you the option to charge and Vape simultaneously via USB port located on the Battery/Mod.
  • How long will my Battery last?
    Every battery has a different output power (mAh).  This will affect the drain on your battery. Please consult your manufacturers information/data.

08. Ordering

  • Your Order
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  • Where can I view my Order?
    If you are a registered customer you can check the status of your order via your account tab. You will need to log in to access this.  

09. Deliveries & Returns

  • Delivery & Returns
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10. Privacy Policy

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